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Homeschooling with Real Books

Great Books for Homeschoolers

Here you’ll find great homeschooling books for your children: books that engage, teach and entertain. Your students will love them and so will you! This is serious fun!

"I have chosen only the best [books]...They represent hundreds of hours of research on my part, and thousands of hours of writing and drawing on the part of the authors and illustrators whose works are represented here."

Curated by Kristin J. Draeger

Kristin is the founder of ARTK12 and author of the Draw the World series, a favorite among Classical Conversations, six art history books, several children’s books, Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I and Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books. In the introduction to the latter she writes:

Are you frustrated trying to teach school in a traditional way at home? Do your students have difficulty focusing and sitting still? Do you dread school time?

Very early on I also became frustrated with homeschooling. I wanted homeschooling to be fun. I wanted to enjoy it. So with much enthusiasm and a startling dose of fear I asked myself two questions: What did my son enjoy? And what was easy and enjoyable for me?

The answer was books. Real books, not the dry, unimaginative textbooks that come with sets of curriculum, but fun books from the library or bookstore that were written to engage, inspire and entertain children. Though he wouldn’t sit for workbooks, coloring books or sometimes even meals, my son would sit and listen to me read 5 or 6 books in a row. So this is where I began.

"This is one book [Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books] that I think you would return to time and again for ideas for your library trips or [to] stock your own library shelves with real books."

Why These Books Have Been Chosen

Textbooks are boring. Worksheets are boring. Traditional school is boring. Think back to when you were in school. Remember what you we’re thinking? How much time until morning recess? How much time until lunch? How long before I can go home? This is education? Where is the joy of learning? Where is the wonder? What happened?

Homeshooling Mistakes

If you’re new to homeschooling, one of the biggest mistakes new homeschoolers make is trying to do traditional school at home. Why do that? The idea is to give your students, your children, a BETTER education than they would get in a traditional school. Forget the textbooks and the worksheets. Do something different and better. Homeschool with real books.


The goal is to make it easy for you to find books that your children will love. We want to help you find them quickly so you can do those other million tasks every homeschool parent is prioritizing in the midst of their busy day.

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