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Why These Books?

The Best of the Best

These books are the best of the best from Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books. They were used to homeschool our son and used with countless other students in Kristin J. Draeger’s art history classes for a mostly homeschool audience.

It’s not Cheating

It’s not cheating to give your students a fun experience learning and to also make it fun for you, their teacher. When Kristin first approached this method it almost felt a little wrong: It was easy and our son loved it. He said years later he didn’t even know he was being educated. He still has a great love for learning and reading.

child and a lot of books around. Little girl reading a book lying on the floor

Your students will love these books.

These books are fun, well-written and many are lavishly illustrated.

Your students will learn from these books.

These books will teach your children without them knowing that’s what they’re doing.

You’ll enjoy these books too!

You will have loads of fun reading these books to your students.

Parents and children lying on rug reading book